Rigid Drive Axle

BASE rigid drive axle offers axle load capacity of 11.0t at front and 11.5t at rear.

It is CTIS ready, while having inter-wheel lock differential.

Product Name RTA-110
Load Capacity Front: 11,000 kg
Rear: 11,500 kg
Brake System Air actuated caliper,
ventilated disc brakes
(Ø 428×45)
Steering Mechanism Mechanically actuated,
hydraulic assisted steering
Total Axle Ratio 6.91:1
Differential Gear Ratio 1.563:1
Planetary Gear Ratio 4.42:1
Tire Size 14R20
Rim Connection 10 bolts M20x1.5,
PCD Ø335 mm
90mm rim offset
Steering Angle 42°
Additional Features
  • CTIS&ABS ready
  • Inter-wheel lock differential
  • Differential nose angle up to 6.5°